First Rubber Suit

We all have some things we like, for me that’s quite a long list already. One of the things i like, is Leather. But my first fetish experience in gear was rubber about 6 years ago. but after that i did not do anything with rubber anymore. But its time to change that!

2 months ago i decided that i wanted to get into rubber again, so i went to Amsterdam to buy a suit. Unfortunately it was missing a zipper in the back, so i did not buy it there. Instead i went online and bought a suit including accessoires from Regulation London (After the issues of not having a Credit Card were solved).

  • Shoulder entry suit, with lockable zips
  • Collar and Ankle/Wrist Cuffs
  • Mask & Gloves
  • Grindr Boots

The gear was smaller packed than i thought, but it was packed as it should, and not damaged. and after 6 weeks it was delivered to my door. i would really recommend them since the quality is also great!

Darklands Antwerp

This will be my first post, and what to write about? It got me thinking, and i decided to talk about my first event in gear. Darklands has been in my calendar for a long time, just like Folsom in Berlin. But Antwerp was closer and therefore a little bit easier to go to. But i only booked the ticket on the Wednesday before. Because i did not know for sure if i dared to go.

Eventually i did not go on Friday, but went Saturday morning. So i started the car and drove to Antwerp, where i did not know the way, and got a bit lost at first. But i found it and parked my car. When i got in the appartment, which i took over from a friend who also went to Darklands, it was time to change. When i drove over, i was not wearing any gear. But it was time to change that and get the show on the road.

After i was dressed in full gear (Leather), we went into the centre of Antwerp. I was glad i was not alone, otherwise i might not have done it. We took some pictures in some places of the city centre, and eventually went to the docks, where Darklands was hosted. When we arrived, we took some pictures at the docks and went inside. After the tour ive got, we both went our separate ways. I did see a lot of people i already knew, from Recon and people i saw walking on the streets back home (did not expect that).

I walked by some stands, and had a picture taken by Taco Smit (I’ve got some really nice pictures from him) which was free. But you could make a donation, which i did! And also met some new friends around the Big Stage area (Not near the Dark Rooms). I did watch what they put on the stage, and it was really interesting. But at some point the day would be over, so it was time to go home and eat. Which eventually, i did not alone but with my new friends.

After dinner i went with them to their appartment, normally i dont do that so easily. But i do not regret it one single moment! They were really nice, and eventually i was tied to a chair, blindfolded and gagged, unable to move (which was awesome). And would do it again if i had the chance to.

The last and second day of darklands was much more quiet. i watched a lot of “shows” on the big stage, and bought some things in the stores. Had to leave the appartment, so all the gear was in the car, and lost my leather gloves, that was a bummer, but i really enjoyed it, and hope to go again next year.