We all have some things we like, for me that’s quite a long list already. One of the things i like, is Leather. But my first fetish experience in gear was rubber about 6 years ago. but after that i did not do anything with rubber anymore. But its time to change that!

2 months ago i decided that i wanted to get into rubber again, so i went to Amsterdam to buy a suit. Unfortunately it was missing a zipper in the back, so i did not buy it there. Instead i went online and bought a suit including accessoires from Regulation London (After the issues of not having a Credit Card were solved).

  • Shoulder entry suit, with lockable zips
  • Collar and Ankle/Wrist Cuffs
  • Mask & Gloves
  • Grindr Boots

The gear was smaller packed than i thought, but it was packed as it should, and not damaged. and after 6 weeks it was delivered to my door. i would really recommend them since the quality is also great!


  1. Very Nice story. And you look amazing.

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